Why ESG Vault?

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Prepare Permit Apps and EIs yourself using our intuitive DIY interface, saving up to 75% on consulting fees.

See modes below

Clone Applications

Clone similar Permit Apps and EIs instead of reinventing the wheel, expediting preparation time by up to 80%.

Multi-site Upload

Parallel process multiple Permit Apps and EIs through our cloud computing backend, reducing turnaround time by over 50%.

Easy Checkout

Pay securely through our Easy Checkout portal, so payment is as easy as shopping online.

Personalized Dashboard

Build a valuable Site Data Repository from the ground up, and analyze emission trends across sites through our personalized dashboard.

Seamless Collaboration

Collaborate on applications with multiple users to maximize resource efficiency. Leverage our team to enter data for your review!

Prepare Permit Apps and EIs yourself using our intuitive DIY platform and step-by-step guide. Work with us to get your team trained up on the process.

Step-by-step guidance

Clone previous applications

Share drafts internally for QA/QC

Same low price across all Permits

(Initially limited to O&G in TX, NM, and OK, with other states and industries to follow in the future)

Leverage our qualified air specialists for draft Permit Apps and EIs review and specialized support only. Our version of "Phone a Friend".

Everything under DIY

Specialist draft application review

Data entry into Agency Portals

Air specialist on speed-dial

Our air specialists will prepare the entire documentation for you. Similar to a traditional consultancy, except for a significantly lower starting fee.

Everything under Assisted DIY

Multi-site data upload

Full document preparation (excl. simulation runs)

End-to-end white-glove service